The Original Jesus

The Original Jesus – Trading the Myths We Create for the Savior Who Is (Grand Rapids, MI: Baker Books, 2015)

I’m fired up about my new book, releasing in September from Baker Books. Dr. Russell Moore was kind enough to write a forward.

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Here’s a brief description and a chapter outline:

This fresh look at ten “Americanized” views of Jesus reveals him not as a deity we can conform to our own comfortable image but as the Christ who transforms us.

Introduction: Play-Dough Jesus

Chapter 1: Guru Jesus – A really wise guy, slightly less than God

Chapter 2: Red-Letter Jesus – A guy much nicer than those angry prophets

Chapter 3: Brave-Heart Jesus – A really masculine dude with a hairy chest and a bad temper

Chapter 4: American Jesus – A God for the red states

Chapter 5: Free-Range Jesus – When God drove a Prius and rocked great parties

Chapter 6: Dr. Phil Jesus – He’ll fix all your problems, y’all

Chapter 7: The Prosperity Jesus – He wants to help you win and get lots of stuff

Chapter 8: Post-Church Jesus – Don’t invite this guy to church. He’s more comfortable at Starbucks

Chapter 9: BFF Jesus – He’s available to date, after you break up with your boyfriend.

Chapter 10: The Legalistic Jesus – He’ll help you find your way to Heaven, but don’t ever cross him.

REAL Image

Real: Owning Your Christian Faith (Birmingham, AL: New Hope Publishers, 2012)

Many second-generation believers struggle to develop authentic faith. Is it the parenting, the church, the systems? Or could it be that a background in the church provides its own unique set of struggles? Written from a confessed churchaholic–now an author, pastor, and father–REAL pulls open the curtains and offers an introspective look at what the Bible says to those who’ve grown up in the faith, answering the questions we’ve long been afraid to voice. Why do I desire to sin? What’s the secret to lasting intimacy with God? REAL offers second-generation Christians a lifeline to personal intimacy with God, a biblical mandate to take ownership of their faith, and grace-based tips on continuing a legacy of faith.

iFaith, Connecting to God in the 21st Century

iFaith: Connecting With God in the 21st Century (Birmingham, AL: New Hope Publishers, 2010)

We’re a generation raised on instant: Instant formula. Disposable diapers. Satellite TV. GPS navigation. Online check-in. Automatic everything.

We’re always plugged in and wired. We’re accustomed to having answers at the snap of our fingers. We’re used to being in control.

How does this affect our communication with God? This is the question iFaith seeks to answer. What has life at warp speed done to our souls? Has faith been replaced with a false sense of security? Has the digital and technological revolution made us more impatient with the God who delights in making His people wait?

iFaith is a unique look at prayer and faith in the twenty-first century, calling us back to a place of rest and silence and peace with God.


Crash Course: Forming a Faith Foundation for Life (Birmingham, AL: New Hope Publishers, 2010)

Life contains more surprises and twists than most teens could ever imagine.

These unforeseen, often difficult, events routinely lead to doubt, worry, and anxiety. Crash Course, a 100-day devotional for teens, encourages teens to form a solid foundation of faith in God’s Word that will support them when life’s obstacles come harder and faster.


Teen People of the Bible: Celebrity Profiles of Real Faith and Tragic Failure (Birmingham, AL: New Hope Publishers, 2007)

The Bible speaks clearly to issues that teens of any generation experience. Teen People of the Bible is a 100-day devotional for teens that shares the stories of teen celebrities in the Bible—Cain, Abel, Rebekah, Isaac, Daniel, Esther, David, Michal, Solomon and many more—relating their struggles and victories to those of today’s teens. As each new biblical person is introduced and discussed, the author provides unique lessons that inspire or challenge teens as they navigate their own spiritual journey.