Crash Course

Publisher: New Hope Publishers

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ISNB#: 9781596692855

Life contains more surprises and twists than most teens could ever imagine.These unforeseen, often difficult, events routinely lead todoubt, worry, and anxiety. Crash Course, a 100-day devotionalfor teens, encourages teens to form a solid foundation of faithin God’s Word that will support them when life’s obstaclescome harder and faster. This unique 100-day devotional is a crash course on life for young people ready to face life on their own.

Developing a faith they can confidently defend
Pursuing a faith they can call their own
Building a faith that endures through difficulties
Championing a faith that conquers compromise
Growing in a faith that depends on Christ, and not them-

Key Features:

Crash Course is divided up into 5 key areas:

Doctrine – Know what you believe and why

Decisions – How to make good choices

Devotion – How to stay connected to God.

Direction – Finding God’s purpose for your life.

Delight – Discovering joy in a hard world.


“Today’s teens want truth, guidance and authenticity, and they quickly see through the opposites. That’s why Crash Course is a must for every teen’s backpack! Filled with faith-building stories, truth about God’s plan and genuine guidance on how to live out their faith in the midst of life’s toughest moments, Crash Course takes teens on an incredible ride to developing solidity in their relationship with Christ. Daniel Darling has definitely proven himself as an excellent communicator to today’s generation, and I’m excited about the message inside these pages!

—Susie Shellenberger, Editor SUSIE Magazine

The Story Behind the Book

After writing Teen People of the Bible, I had quite a few teens and youth pastors and parents ask for another 100-day devo. The idea God gave me was for something to equip young people for life.  It seems many young people, even so-called “good Christian kids” really lack the guidance and maturity to make decisions in life, to find God’s will, and to pursue Him with truth. So I set out to create a book that a teen could read over a summer, maybe even the summer between High School and college. Or maybe it something he tackles his first few months in college, when he’s sitting in that dorm room and doubting everything about life.

New Hope really stepped up with some great ideas to help shape this book. I’m grateful to their vision on this.


“I wish I had this when I was a youth pastor” – Random Thoughts from a  Cluttered Mind

“I’d highly recommend this to youth.” Christ Focus Book Club