Why Christians Should Be Clear

This week I’m over at the Lifeway Church Leader’s blog opining on three essential traits for countercultural Christian leaders: courage, clarity, and civility (how’s that for some serious alliteration?). This comes from 1 Peter 3:15. Here is what I said about that second point: The second thing Peter urges for counter-cultural leaders is clarity. “Have an […]

The Way Home – Episode 14 featuring Johnnie Moore

Iraqi Christians Celebrate Easter In Baghdad

My friend Johnnie Moore joins me to discuss ISIS and the persecution of Christians. Johnnie is the former Vice President for Executive Projects and Media Relations and Campus Pastor of Liberty University. He has been an outspoken advocate for persecuted Christians in the Middle East and has a new book, a must read, Defying Isis. I’m grateful that […]

Should Pastors Have Good Friends From their Church?

At Leadership Journal I discuss the advice I received, upon ordination to ministry, to not become good friends with people in my congregation. It was well-meaning, but wrong advice, I thought at the time. Here’s an excerpt of the article: I don’t see a detachment from people in Jesus’ public ministry. Yes, Jesus took time to get away […]


Can You Love Jesus and Hate Jesus’ Followers?

The last few years have seen an explosion of books that try to separate Jesus from the church. Most of these are well-meaning efforts to distinguish genuine faith in Christ from hand-me-down, works-based religion. This is important in a culture still influenced by a nominal Christianity, where many think a ticket to heaven simply requires regular church attendance.

Church Supports Faithful Struggling Through Recession

Announcing My New Book: The Original Jesus

This September, Baker Books is releasing my sixth book, The Original Jesus. This book is a critique of ten different versions of Jesus floating around in the evangelical world. I was motivated to write this book by observing the flippant way we (and I mean we because, in some way, I’m tempted toward all of these false Jesus’ myself) talk about Christ. We have a tendency, in our modern age, to mold Jesus into our image rather than letting Jesus mold us into His.