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Mini-Reviews #12

Okay, I'm back with mini-reviews, this time with three books I thoroughly enjoyed: Loving the Way Jesus Loved by Phillip Ryken I've heard many sermons on the famous "love chapter" of 1 Corinthians 13. It's often read at weddings, quoted by people of all persuasions and motivations, and often misunderstood. But Phil Ryken, President of Wheaton College, approaches this chapter in a fresh new way. Taken from a series of message he preached while pastor of Philadelphia's famed Tenth Presbyterian Church, Loving the Way Jesus Loves adds the life of Jesus as the backdrop to this chapter. And so with each characteristic of love, Ryken digs into the life of Christ and how he perfectly exemplifies this. What makes this approach so much richer is that you begin to treat the impossible demands of supernatural love as something Christ generates in you rather than something you must work hard to produce in yourself. Gaze...

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