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Don’t let your kids say this phrase

There is a phrase in our vocabulary that nobody has to teach us to say. It's a phrase kids learn very quickly in childhood. And it's a phrase you should ban in your household: "That's not fair." It sounds innocent enough. Everybody wants life to be fair, right? But this is an insidious phrase, revealing a sin so bankrupt it goes back to the very beginning, back to the Fall of Man. It's essentially what Eve was told by the serpent. "You're getting a raw deal. You're entitled to more. God is holding out on you." If you read Paul's account of the Fall in Romans, you'll discover that it was this attitude--ingratitude and entitlement--that lit the match of sin, plunging Creation into darkness. And it's a surefire way to test your own heart, to see where the idols are. Maybe it seems a bit melodramatic to bring all of this up to my...

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How Small Churches Can Love Their Communities

Today I'm over at Trevin Wax' blog with a guest post. The subject is how to love your community if you are a small church: What if you are the pastor of a small church but would like to do something to serve your community? What if you love the idea of adopting a school, but barely have enough resources to cover your nursery on Sunday? Is it possible to do acts of mercy in your local Jerusalem with a tiny band of volunteers? Surprisingly, it is. Here are six tips for small church outreach: 1. Relieve yourself of false guilt. If there is one thing that plagues small church pastors in a big metro area, it’s the constant guilt about what your church is “not doing.” Mostly this guilt comes as a result of comparing yourself to the other churches in town. Instead, begin to look at the entire body of Christ in your community...

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Thoughtful Engagement on Immigration

A few days ago I posted a blog expressing some of my frustration regarding what I perceived as some callousness on the part of evangelicals toward immigration. It provoked some discussion, mostly offline, among friends. Having some time to reflect, I realized that my post was written in haste, with little editing, and didn’t serve to edify. So I pulled it.

That being said, God is really working on my heart on the issue of immigration. I really feel this is an issue we need to approach with a Great Commission perspective.
Increasingly, the nations are coming to us, here in America. Most evangelicals I talk to consider this a welcome thing, an opportunity for evangelism, building community, and greater diversity in the body of Christ.

For some, it is a bit of a threat, as they see the fabric of their neighborhoods change. I really think this issue is going to challenge Christians in the coming years as we address this global reality.
I’m also being challenged about the plight of the undocumented worker. This is a very difficult, complex issue and there are good people on both sides. I think, increasingly, Christians are viewing the illegal immigrant as someone for whom God cares and loves and that as followers of Christ it is our job to minister and love them because they were made in God’s image. We should treat them no differently.