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How I Found My Preaching and Speaking Voice

Growing up, public speaking was something I both enjoyed and dreaded. I enjoyed the preparation for a speech (still do), but always got the intense butterflies in public. Especially in school where one Rick-Perry like flub could ignite the snickering chorus in the front row of our high-school. I know because when I wasn't speaking, I was a charter member of that chorus. Before I became a pastor, I spent almost a decade as a writer and editor for a Christian organization. This meant I did very little public speaking, though towards the end of my tenure there I had more preaching, teaching, and even worship-leading opportunities. Still, when I came to Gages Lake Bible Church in the fall of 2008, I was a bit nervous in front of a crowd, especially as a preacher handling the Word of God. But it's been almost four years of preaching and while nobody would...

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