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Will We Sing or Will We Whine?

What will Christian witness look like in a society that affirms gay marriage? After President Obama's expression of support, Christian reaction was all over the map, from the usual apocalyptic doomsday stuff to serious and thoughtful biblical opposition to progressive evangelical acceptance. As a committed evangelical committed to the historic Christian teaching of the Scriptures, I am opposed to gay marriage. But I've been thinking about what we do next. Despite the success of ballot initiatives in various states, this is clearly a battle we are losing in the culture. It won't be long before gay marriage is a widely accepted and legal practice. So, to paraphrase the late Chuck Colson (quoting Francis Schaeffer), how now shall we live? Last week I came across two items that helped shape my thinking on this issue. First, a panel at the Basics Conference hosted by Parkside Church in Cleveland, Ohio. On the panel were Alistair Begg, Mark Dever,...

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Friday Five Interview – Michael Gerson and Peter Wehner

Today I’m highly honored to have two distinguished men stop by the blog for this very special Friday Five interview. We’re less than two weeks before the midterm elections and so thoughtful people of faith on both sides of the political divide will go to the polls and help shape their government. So I thought I’d bring a little perspective to bear from two men who have been in the arena.

Michael Gerson and Peter Wehner are both veterans of Washington, D.C. and most recently the Bush White House. They recently released a fantastic new book, City of Man, published by Moody Publishers. You can read my review here.