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Dalrymple on Capitalism and the Poor

I've often lamented the inability of conservatives and Republicans to articulate how capitalism is really the best system to help lift the poor out of poverty. Liberals rightly raise the issue of the poor, but their solutions seem to keep poor entrapped. Conservatives often rightly decry these programs but don't often articulately explain why capitalism and free markets (combined with robust social institutions) are the best vehicle (in an imperfect, fallen world) to more permanently raise the poor from poverty. My friend Timothy Dalrymple is a rare exception. A gifted wordsmith, he's an eloquent defender of capitalism. In an article about Mitt Romney's recent gaffe, he says: But Mitt, like Republicans in general, needs to reclaim the language of compassion for the poor.  It’s not compassionate to leave the very poor tangled up in our social safety nets.  It’s not compassionate to promote dependency.  What is compassionate — what actually serves the...

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In Praise of Starbucks

Last night I had a rare night to just relax. The kids were in bed early, Angela was out to run errands, and I had the TV remote to myself. So I flipped around and finally settled on a biopic on CNBC done by the Biography Channel. The story of Starbucks, in particular, its chairman, Howard Schultz. The documentary was very well done. I'm always fascinated by the stories of successful businesses. Whenever we're waiting in a doctor's office, I always gravitate toward the business magazines. I love to see how entrepreneurs push back against the norms and not only build a successful business, but shape the culture as a whole. In the last two decades, I'm not sure there has been a more culture-shaping phenomenon like the rise of Starbucks. Now I know that for some, Starbucks is evil. They think the idea of spending five bucks on coffee is the height of...

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