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Unsolicited Advice for the New House Majority

photo © 2009 republicanconference | more info(via: Wylio) So, another election and this time, the Republicans are the victors. And many evangelicals are doing happy dances all across the country, mainly because this was more of a conservative victory than a Republican one. The question now becomes, what do we do now? Campaigning is more fun and much easier than governing. Now the hard part, the real work begins. Nobody in new speaker, John Boehner's office is soliciting my advice, nor should they. But, if they were, this is what I would tell the new Republican leadership: 1) Lead firmly, but humbly. It's only been a couple of days since their victory, so we're not sure how Speaker-elect Boehner will lead, but I like what I've seen so far in that he's been humble. He realizes the country isn't just beside themselves in love with Republicans or even conservatives. They have a...

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