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A photo by Michael Durana.

Teach Us To Pray: Your Kingdom Come

This is the sixth article in a series of blogs posts on the Lord’s Prayer. You can read the previous entries in this series here, here, here, here, and here. In this post, we will discuss the second request Jesus encourages us to present in the Lord’s Prayer: “Your Kingdom Come.” So what does it […]


Teach Us to Pray: Our Father Who Art in Heaven

(This is the third post in a ten post series on The Lord’s Prayer) The Lord’s Prayer—given by Jesus as a model for how the disciples should pray begins with what seems like a typical phrase: “Our Father Who Art In Heaven.” Today we might not be as formal, but we’d use a similar line […]


Teach Us to Pray: 6 Reasons Why We Should Pray

(This is the second post in a ten post series on The Lord’s Prayer.) As a Pastor, a question that I am often asked goes along the lines of, “well, I know I should pray, but why?” When I give them an answer, they usually follow up with “but how do I pray? The simple […]

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