The Life of a Christian Athlete

What is it like as an athlete living in the spotlight? What's it like for a Christian athlete? I had the chance to speak to someone who has counseled many athletes, Dr. John Tolson. He's out with a terrific book, Take the Knee which contains lessons he shared in the Dallas Cowboys locker room. Whether you are a sports fan (like me) or not (in which case you should repent), you'll enjoy this interview I think. Here's a snippet: We've seen, in the last few years, the rising popularity of Christian athletes such as Tim Tebow, Tony Dungy, Ben Zobrist, and a few others. Some are criticized for making their faith too public and others for making it too private. How do you counsel Christian athletes? Learning to be a servant leader in the most basic things is critical for the Christian athlete because as their teammates who aren't Christians watch them it...

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How Should Christians React to Hate?

It's no secret that the biblical sexual ethic, a beautiful monogamous relationship reserved for marriage between a man and a woman, has swiftly fallen out of favor in our culture. The recent declaration by Jason Collins, a veteran NBA center, has exposed the deep rifts in our society on the issue of homosexuality. While most of the world celebrated Collin's courage, ESPN NBA reporter, Chris Broussard, a committed evangelical Christian, had his own courage to say, into a stiff wind of opposition, that Collin's lifestyle choices conflict with the Christian faith. Nothing in this story should surprise us. Society has been moving this direction for some time now. But what caught me off guard, I guess, was the public shaming of the Christian position on marriage. I heard many, well-respected sports commentators, guys I've listened to and followed for many years, seemingly equate Christians like Broussard with bigots and with the...

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Does God Care Whether Tim Tebow Wins?

Writing in the Atlantic, Owen Strachan writes the column lot of us wanted to write, but couldn't. A great, great piece answering the question, "Does God want Tebow to win?" A key paragraph: But what happens when Tebow loses? What happens if my New England Patriots, a team I have loved since Dave Meggett was getting stuffed on every punt return and Drew Bledsoe was completing cannon-like passes to more sideline coaches than receivers, steamroll the Broncos, as they did earlier in the season? Has God capriciously retracted his blessing on this All-American golden-boy, who runs like a lion yet speaks like a Sunday-school teacher? Do yourself a favor and read the whole piece: Does God Care Whether Tim Tebow Wins on Saturday?...

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Friday Five- Brian Goins

Brian Goins is a pastor and author. He developed numerous study guides, workbooks, and Bible for ministries such as Insight for Living (Chuck Swindoll) and Walk Through the Bible. He’s also a speak for Family Life Today’s Marriage to Remember Conferences. He’s the lead pastor at Renaissance Bible Church in Concord, North Carolina.

Recently, Brian released a terrific new book on marriage for men entitled, Playing Hurt. He stopped by today to answer five questions with today’s Friday Five.