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Grace Makes the Medicine Go Down

One of the things that confounds me, as a parent, is the refusal of my kids to take their medicine, even as they are crying out in pain. It's particularly annoying in the middle of the night (you know, those few nights when it's actually me getting up instead of my long-suffering and faithful wife, Angela). It's quite illogical, really, for kids to refuse medicine that not only has the power to relieve their pain, but also can heal them of the sickness or injury that is making their little lives miserable. And yet, there a kid squirms, mouth closed, head shaking in refusal. As good parents, we practically have to hold them down and force the medicine down. Then we have to tell them that this medicine--the medicine we just forced down their mouths--is for their good. Trust me, we tell them. But just when I begin to shake my head in disbelief...

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Friday Five: Jenny Smith

Jenny Smith is a gifted teacher, author, and speaker. Recently, she published her first book, Seriously God? I’m Doing Everything I Know To Do and It’s NOT Working!  She lives in Adairsville, GA with her husband, Chad and their three teen daughters. You can find out more about Jenny at her website or by following her on Twitter at @keepinstride As a first time author, what led you to write “Seriously God? I’m Doing Everything I Know To Do And It’s Not Working”? During the past couple of years, we lost everything we thought defined who we were. Our home was fore­closed, many of our so-called friends disappeared, and we struggled to maintain some kind of home life and make our three daughters felt secure. I was looking for a book written by an author who went through a similar experience. I could find all kinds of practical helps, websites to help...

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