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Why Pastors Don’t Often “Speak Up”

A few years go I had the opportunity to volunteer for a dear friend of mine who was running for Congress in the district in which I live. I was heavily involved--my job was to rally evangelical leaders to support the candidate, whose views lined up with evangelicals, especially on the social issues like abortion, marriage, etc. Among the things I did was to set up special prayer breakfasts, individual meetings with pastors, and to have my candidate visit churches on Sundays, arranging to have my candidate introduced publicly. We found that a candidate's mere visit to a church, low-key with no endorsement, sent a message to the church members that he cared about them and stood with them. I found this very difficult, because I got great resistance from pastors. They didn't want to be seen as endorsing one candidate or another. At the time, I didn't understand this. The election...

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