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Big Ben and The Sporting Culture

I am a huge sports fan. Every day I try to sneak in at least a few minutes of Sportscenter every day to get my daily fix. I regularly read espn.com and tune into sports radio in the car on occasion. I played basketball (not very well) in high-school and twice a week play pick-up games at a local church. My favorite sport is the NFL. I love football on Sundays after church. So you have to know that I've been following the Ben Rothlisberger story with interest. Ben is one of the NFL's greatest quarterbacks, but apparently off the field, his morality is very loose. It has the proud Steeler's organization thinking trade and the NFL talking suspension. But something struck me in the statement Roger Goodell, the NFL Commissioner made yesterday in a memo to all the NFL teams. He urged them to act and not cover up criminal offenses....

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