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Does God Care Whether Tim Tebow Wins?

Writing in the Atlantic, Owen Strachan writes the column lot of us wanted to write, but couldn't. A great, great piece answering the question, "Does God want Tebow to win?" A key paragraph: But what happens when Tebow loses? What happens if my New England Patriots, a team I have loved since Dave Meggett was getting stuffed on every punt return and Drew Bledsoe was completing cannon-like passes to more sideline coaches than receivers, steamroll the Broncos, as they did earlier in the season? Has God capriciously retracted his blessing on this All-American golden-boy, who runs like a lion yet speaks like a Sunday-school teacher? Do yourself a favor and read the whole piece: Does God Care Whether Tim Tebow Wins on Saturday?...

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Friday Five- Brian Goins

Brian Goins is a pastor and author. He developed numerous study guides, workbooks, and Bible for ministries such as Insight for Living (Chuck Swindoll) and Walk Through the Bible. He’s also a speak for Family Life Today’s Marriage to Remember Conferences. He’s the lead pastor at Renaissance Bible Church in Concord, North Carolina.

Recently, Brian released a terrific new book on marriage for men entitled, Playing Hurt. He stopped by today to answer five questions with today’s Friday Five.

Why Hobbies are Better When They are Not Idols

John Calvin famous said our hearts are great "idol-making factories." A good, wholesome, beneficial pursuit can quickly become an idol. For me, I find that my pleasurable hobbies can often lead to idolatry. Sports is perhaps the biggest threat. I'm a big time fan of team sports. I love the NFL, the NBA, and Major League Baseball (when our Chicago teams are competitive.). Sports is a terrific way to enjoy leisure time, great way to occupy creative and emotional parts of our minds and to find common ground with others. But it can also become an obsessive pursuit. Let me explain. There are seasons when I'm so completely locked in on sports. For instance, last NBA offseason and the season were terrific, perhaps one of the best in many years in the League. During that season I was checking Twitter constantly to see where LeBron might be signing. I watched many...

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Big Ben and The Sporting Culture

I am a huge sports fan. Every day I try to sneak in at least a few minutes of Sportscenter every day to get my daily fix. I regularly read espn.com and tune into sports radio in the car on occasion. I played basketball (not very well) in high-school and twice a week play pick-up games at a local church. My favorite sport is the NFL. I love football on Sundays after church. So you have to know that I've been following the Ben Rothlisberger story with interest. Ben is one of the NFL's greatest quarterbacks, but apparently off the field, his morality is very loose. It has the proud Steeler's organization thinking trade and the NFL talking suspension. But something struck me in the statement Roger Goodell, the NFL Commissioner made yesterday in a memo to all the NFL teams. He urged them to act and not cover up criminal offenses....

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