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Why Mother’s Day Will Be Harder for Us This Year

I'm thirty-four and so Mother's Day has endured several new seasons for me. There was the season of my birth, which I don't remember of course. Then there was the seasons of childhood where I came home from church on Mother's Day with hand-made cards, where I partnered with my dad and siblings to make meals, create artwork, and honor my wonderful mom. There was the season of junior high and into high-school where I offered the obligatory thanks to Mom, but didn't fully appreciate her investment in my life. And then of course there is college years where I'm pursing my dreams and slowly begin to appreciate Mom. Then there where new and fresh seasons of Mother's Day. When I married Angela, I added another mother to my life. Angela's mom, Linda, was a wonderful new addition. And then, when we began having children, Mother's Day was given a whole...

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