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Creative Tensions: Between Annoyance and Passivity

I’ve had some folks ask me to post a bit more on the writing life. So I decided to begin a series I’m calling, “Creative Tensions.” I’m not coming at this as an expert, as some kind of know-it-all bestselling author. My goal is to share what little I know about writing in hopes that it helps and inspires a few who read it.

Today I want to discuss the creative tension between annoyance and passivity. One of the keys to advancing in your publishing career is to develop relationships. The publishing world is a small world and so the more people you know and who respect your work the more opportunities will come your way.

The Gospel and Relationships

Yesterday I preached a message entitled, "The Gospel and Relationships." It's a single message in a series of single messages until I begin preaching through the book of James in July in a series entitled, Authentic Faith. Ironically, I took my main text for this single message from the book of James, chapter 4:1-3. Essentially the gist of my message was this: the gospel moves us from an external focus on the problems of others to an internal focus on our own sins. If we continually come back to the gospel, it can revolutionize our relationships. Here were my six points: 1) I Am the Biggest Problem In Every Relationship 2) The Relationships God Gave Me Are Designed for My Good 3) The Way I Treat People is the Way I Treat God 4) I Will Only Have Peace in My Relationships When I Have Peace with God 5) I Must Show Mercy When People Sin 6)...

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