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Penn State and The Danger of Insular Communities

The news from Penn State University continues to shock, anger, and sadden all of us. A once-proud University, known for it's commitment to excellence and integrity is now humbled by the revelations that it allowed one of it's longtime coaches to abuse children on their campus. The allegations are still forthcoming and most of us don't know who knew what. As I thought about this situation, I was saddened. Saddened for the victims and their parents and saddened for the university. We live in a fallen world and increasingly even our best institutions are failing us. It's no wonder that young people today trust authority and institutions even less. This includes the Church, not immune to it's own failings and abuses. How might we as church leaders learn from this Penn State situation. From a practical standpoint, we might look at and examine our own policies and practices when it comes to screening volunteers...

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