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The God (little “g”) in Your Pocket

I was talking to my mother last week about the readily available technology we have in our smart phones. She was telling me, half-joking, "I can always Google something. So if I'm in a conversation and I don't know what they are talking about, I can quietly Google it and sound smart." We laughed, because we have all been there. And perhaps with Google glasses we won't even have to figure out ways to inconspicuously look down and type it in our phones. It's sure nice to have Google with us. In the middle of the night when my kid is sick and exhibiting symptoms I'm not familiar with, I can quickly google, "Coughing and fever, plus a rash" and get results. If I'm on a trip to Denver for business, I can google, "weather in Denver tomorrow." Or if we are wandering about and looking for a McDonald's with a...

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