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Mini-Reviews #5

Another batch of mini-reviews: Raised Right by Alisa Harris I have mixed feelings about this book. For one, I'm always a bit jaded by memoirs from people who are young. Alisa Harris is 26 years old. On the other hand, I thoroughly enjoyed this book because it puts a personal touch, a face, on a generation of evangelical involvement in politics. Alisa Harris tells how she moved from a doctrinaire right-wing zealot to someone more moderate, even liberal in her politics. She correctly points out hypocrisies in evangelical conservative politics and how the church's mission gets lost when it seeks power. However, there is a tendency for Harris to throw the baby out with the bathwater and reject every conservative plank, something I'm not willing to do. She seems to be a person still in process, searching for the right mix of activism and faith. Still, it's a good, if not sometimes...

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