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Will Pastors’ Influence on the Political Process Decline?

Over the last few days, the issue of Mormonism and Christianity has been front and center in the news media, thanks to the controversy created by Pastor Robert Jeffress of 1st Baptist Church of Dallas. If you missed the dustup, Dr. Jeffress endorsed Texas Governor Rick Perry in his race for the White House and subsequently told reporters he'd have a hard time voting for Mitt Romney, because of Romney's devout Mormonism. I've been thinking about this controversy for a few days, waiting to respond. It's a complicated issue for a few reasons. One the one hand, Dr. Jeffress was only articulating what both Mormons and Christians have always affirmed--that Mormonism is not orthodox Christianity, but (according to the Mormon view), a repudiation of Christianity and and improvement. This article by Dr. Al Mohler brings clarity to the issue. So Dr. Jeffress is not guilty of bigotry, he's guilty of thoelogical...

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