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Hating on the Church

It has become rather fashionable these days for Christians to hate on the church. Almost every day, a new book is put out by someone who is disolutioned with, has a lengthy critique of, and has a new solution for the church. But I wonder if it is spiritually and intellectually easy, and I dare say, lazy, to hate on "the evangelical church." When I first started writing, I succumbed to this crutch. I would find a really meaty Biblical principle and in the course of constructing my devotional or article, would add the line, "most Christians" or "most churches," as if I, in my limited experience with other churches, had a good grasp of the evangelical church as a whole. The truth is that heaping scorn on "the church" or "most Christians," is easy and it is a nice cover for our own failures. And it is true that there are...

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