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Christianity, Six-Inch Headlines, and Fear

I've had several conversations with folks in the last few weeks, fearful of the state of the world. Economic downturn, failed leadership at all levels, personal tragedy, and just really bad news all around. A lot of people are starting to think that this is the worst time in history. At least American history. I've heard various versions of "America has lost its greatness." or "America is headed downward." It's interesting that I only seem to hear this from Christians when a certain party is out of power. Then suddenly, when someone we like is in the White House, suddenly things are sunshine and roses again and America is "back." I'd be lying if I said there weren't troubling indicators in America. Unsustainable debt, paralysis at the top levels of government, a culture embracing ungodliness, and a seeming decline in Christian influence. But I wonder if our fear is less about...

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