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Book Review: Gospel Wakefulness

If you're a longtime Christian, you'll notice and experience times of profound spiritual dryness, seasons when it seems you are numbly walking through the motions. Or perhaps you're a believer who has at one time believed the gospel, but have not seen it's life-changing implications bear fruit. Some might say you're seeming spiritual deadness is because you never had the gospel at all. And that could be true. But it's likely that you've got the gospel, but you've never been "awakened" by it. This is the crux of a new book by Jared C. Wilson, a prolific blogger, author, and pastor. Gospel Wakefulness was a book I appreciated and loved reading for a few reasons. First is Wilson's insane ability to craft words and phrases. This is not a book I had to push myself to finish, it was a book that sparkled and crackled from cover to cover. There are few, if...

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