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Some Great Easter Links

Some great Easter Reading: "He's Calling for Elijah! Why We Still Mishear Jesus" - Al Hsu in Christianity Today: A fantastic piece pointing Jesus's last words to Psalm 22. Did God forsake Jesus or was Jesus telling the world that he was the fulfillment of Psalm 22? I preached on this passage last Good Friday, but Al Hsu does a terrific job exegeting it in this article. "Andrew Sullivan, Wannabe Bhuddist "- Joel J. Miller writing in Real Clear Relgion "If Christianity matters at all it is because of the Resurrection." "The Death of Death" - Sermon by the late Ray Stedman I enjoy thoroughly the sermons by the late Ray Stedman. Here is a sermon he preached on Easter entitled, "The Death of Death." He centers the Easter story on the absolute necessity of Jesus' Resurrection....

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Good Friday Meditation: Psalm 22

This Good Friday I'm preaching on perhaps the most powerful passage regarding Jesus on the Cross. It's actually found in the Old Testament in Psalm 22. What I found amazing about this passage is that it is the psalm of David, a mixture of lament and celebration. But none of the details David describes are events that happened in his life. He was never crucified. And nothing David did caused the entire nation, much less the entire world to bow before the Lord. So this is clearly a Messianic passage, God superintending the lament of King David and employing David as a prophet to present a shadow of Christ on the cross (Acts 2:30). And beyond the cross, this psalm looks to the age of the church and the coming Kingdom, with its "already, not yet" view. I encourage you to read Psalm 22 this week and identify for yourself the...

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