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Friday Five Interview – Sara Horn

I can’t think of a more important and yet over-looked ministry field than to encourage and mentor the wives of American service men and women. Long deployments, the risk of the battlefield, and the constant moving from city to city. Most Americans are aware of the need to honor and care for our brave soldiers, but few think of the toll their service takes on the families they often have to leave behind.

That’s why I’m glad my good friend, Sara Horn, has stopped by the blog today.  Sara has a wonderful ministry to military wives, Wives of Faith. She is a prolific writer, who has teamed with Oliver North to share the stories of faith among the soldiers of Operation Iraqi Freedom. He has personally interviewed soldiers on the front lines and her work has been featured in a variety of evangelical publications. Most importantly, she is a military wife herself.

I’ve known Sara through Christian publishing circles and have admired her unique desire to encourage, mentor, and evangelize the woman who willingly sacrifice their men for the good of our country. Her latest project is God Strong, The Military Wife’s Spiritual Survival Guide.