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My 5 Rules of Writing

I've been working with words, in one way or another, since I was in high-school and it has been work with words that has formed the majority of my adult working life, both as a writer, editor and now in my role as a pastor. Writing is one of my loves and one of the few things I think I can do reasonably well, though I'm a long, long way from good. Lots of people ask me what my "method" is for writing. I haven't given much thought about it, but perhaps it's worth a blog post. So here are my five rules of writing, if you are interested: 1) Don't despise small things. Most people start with a book idea, the magnum opus of their lives. But if you start with that, your book won't be very good. Better to start with small projects for lesser-known publications. Do this for two...

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5 Inconvenient Truths about the Writing Life

I get a lot of questions about the writing life from very interested folks. Some romanticize it as if its an easy, dreamy career filled only with paychecks and fame and unicorns. But there are inconvenient truths about writing that nobody tells you until you actually step into it. I don't write these to discourage you, if God has called you to nurture your gift, but simply to give a realistic view of what to expect: 1) You will not get famous. The truth is that most writers are not bestsellers. And even of those who make the New York Times list, few, if any, would be recognized in Walmart. But if you really have a gift for story or have a message you want to put on paper, you don't write to be famous, you write because you can't not write. Sure, I'd be lying if I said it didn't...

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The Importance of a Good Editor (In writing and in life)

I’m currently working on my fourth book, a look at the unique struggles of those who grow up in the church. It’s the most difficult book I’ve written and probably the most ambitious. I have learned over the course of writing three books and numerous articles the importance of having a good editor. I’m not talking about the editor at the publisher, who is also very, very good. I’m talking about someone willing to look at your chapters when they are 80% done but you don’t know how to put them over the top. I’m talking about someone willing to go through your pride and joy and highlight areas that need to change and areas that are good. This is what makes your work good, if not great.

Friday Five Interview – Andrea Mullins

In 2005, I had this crazy idea for a devotional book for teens, based on the lives of teens in the Bible. I was an unknown writer, with only a very short list of published articles. At the time, I was volunteering to help my good friend Margaret McSweeney and her husband David, with their congressional campaign. Margaret is a writer herself. And while we were standing in line at a parade, she asked me if I had sent a proposal to Andrea Mullins of New Hope Publishers. I didn’t know Andrea and I didn’t know New Hope. Well, six months later, I had a voice message on my cell from Andrea. She was interested in  my book. After I picked myself up off the floor, I called her and since that time, New Hope has been my publisher. I’ll be forever grateful for her taking a chance on me and helping to develop my writing talent.

I have found Andrea to be a wonderful friend, someone who is deeply passionate about sharing the gospel around the world. Andrea is the publisher/director of New Hope Publishers and the President of Worldcrafts. She is the author of several books herself and has a Doctor of Ministry Degree in Transformational Leadership from Bakke University. Andrea is a sought after speaker for women’s ministry events.