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Friday Five – Tom Nelson

A few years ago, Steve Harvey, my uncle, handed me a manuscript for a book written by his pastor, Tom Nelson ofChrist Community Church of Olathe, Kansas. The book is titled, Ekklessia. Uncle Steve serves on the board of CCC and is passionate about what God is doing in and through the church in the Kansas City area.

I immediately began to read this book and thoroughly enjoyed it. At the time, I was prepping for a series on the key doctrines of the church and so Ekklesia was a perfect textbook for a message on the purpose of the church. I have often referred back to it, as I have found it perhaps a most through work on ecclesiology.

Today, I have the privilege of chatting with Pastor Tom Nelson. Besides serving as Senior Pastor at Christ Community Church in Olathe, Kansas, he is a Council member with The Gospel Coalition.