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Can We Build the Church By Being Against the Church?

It's hard to read a Christian book or blog post or to hear a sermon without hearing some overt or implied criticism of some part of the evangelical Church as a whole. That's not even counting the Twitter feeds of Christians. I'm reading a terrific book right on the centrality of the gospel by one of my favorite author/preacher/bloggers. It's a book that is both challenging me and inspiring me. But even this favorite author can't resist the easy stereotype of "most churches" or "most Christians" or "The Church is . . . ." It seems nearly impossible for us to build up our ministries without having to use another expression of Christian ministry as a foil. I know this because I do this myself. In my forthcoming book, I spend a considerable time pushing back against the pressure to be perfect among 2nd Generation kids. I felt (and still feel) it was a legitimate...

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A Better Way to Discern

I come from a very conservative theological background and I maintain many of those same convictions. But one thing that has changed in my heart over the years is my attitude toward people from different ministry contexts and denominations. I used to think that if their bullet points didn't line up with mine, then I was right and they were wrong. I no longer think this way. That's not to be confused with doctrinal slippage. I feel very strongly that doctrine is vital for the life of the  church and that the attempts to weaken orthodoxy by some will hurt the cause of Christ going forward. But, quite often conservatives have a "guilty until proven innocent" outlook about Christian leaders. Some self-appointed watch-bloggers view any big, successful church movement with sarcastic skepticism, as if every mega-church pastor is out to fill seats, fill coffers, and build buildings. Sure there are charlatans...

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Why Christians Should Care about the Facts (But Often Don’t)

Our church has been going through a study of the book of James. Last week we came upon a verse that is mightily convicting in this digital age: Know this, my beloved brothers: let every person be quick to hear, slow to speak, slow to anger; James 1:19 (ESV) You don't have to parse the original Greek text or consult a Bible scholar to divine the meaning of the Scriptures here. It's pretty clear that James is saying that a mature believer is one who is slow to make hasty judgements, quick to listen and gather all the facts about a situation, and slow to express anger. Does this characterize our online activity? I have been recently reading about the dustup about Campus Crusade for Christ, who changed their name to CRU. Quite a few folks have expressed their disapproval of this change. And while you may not like their new choice, what...

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Friday Five – Tim Challies

Tim Challies

Today, I’m honored to chat with Tim Challies, who really needs no introduction. Tim maintains the blog, challies.com, one of the most widely read evangelical blogs. Tim is a voracious reader, whose book reviews have helped shape evangelical thought. He’s the author of The Discipline of Spiritual Discernment and Sexual Detox along with the forthcoming The Next Story (April 2011). He blogs every day at www.challies.com. Tim also worships and serve at Grace Fellowship Church and edit Discerning Reader. He is also the cofounder of a new publishing venture, Cruciform Press. Tim is also a web designer and conference speaker.