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Connecting to God – in the 21st Century

Starting today, every Monday, I plan on posting a key quote from my upcoming book, iFaith. Today, I'm posting a quote from the intro, where I talk about the premise for the book, which is to examine how my generation, who has always experienced life at warped speed, can relate to God: We’re members of the always-connected generation, weaned on warped speed, raised on instant: Instant formula. Disposable diapers. Satellite TV. GPS navigation. Online check-in. In my three decades or so on this earth, life has moved from high-speed to warp speed. We email, IM, Facebook and Twitter. We text, YouTube, MMS, and Skype. Our ever-expanding, never-enough, always-on collection of devices explodes with data traveling at the speed of thought. When we have a question, we send a digital message. When we want an answer, we demand a real-time reply. In every area of life, from food to fashion to family life, we want bigger...

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