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Book Review: Gabby Stick-to-It Day

Usually I review adult books here on the blog, but as the father of four young children, I occasionally like to review children's books. Three of my kids are girls, so I'm constantly trying to introduce them to good resources that point them to Jesus. That's why I love the resources put out by Sheila Walsh, singer, songwriter, and author. We especially enjoy the Gigi, God's Little Princess DVD series. It helps instill in them the truth that God created them uniquely and loves them unconditionally. Sheila's latest book for girls is Gabby's Stick To-It Day. It's a light, beautifully illustrated storybook that shares the tale of a girl who has a hard time finishing things and an angel who observes. I love this story because it subtly reinforces the values of persistence and faithfulness in little girls, especially when their favorite tasks get hard. It's one more good book to add to your...

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Writing for Children Is Harder than It Seems

Sally Lloyd Jones is one of my favorite children's book authors, mainly because she wrote the Jesus Storybook Bible, which creatively tells the big stories of the Bible while pointing each to Jesus. I highly recommended it an review here and I had the opportunity to interview Sally here. Recently she shared a guest-post on Ed Stetzer's blog where she wrote about the challenge of writing for children. I thought it was keen insight on what many think is an easy thing to do: People have approached me, holding up one of my children's books, flicking through it backwards--awful for a writer because it implies the order of the words don't matter--and cheerfully announcing, "I'm going to do one. I mean. REALLY. How hard can it be?" How many of us would dream of going up to a surgeon and saying, "I'm going to do an Angioplasty. I mean. REALLY. How hard can...

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