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Friday Five Interview: Sally Lloyd Jones

She is the author of (in my opinion) the best Children's story Bible on the market, The Jesus Bible Storybook. You can read my review of this here. Sally Llloyd Jones is a British children's book writer based in the United States. Sally was born in Uganda and was raised in East and West Africa. She has written numerous children's books including, The Ultimate Guide to Christmas, How to Get Married, and Baby's Hug-a-Bible. Sally has graciously taken time to be interviewed for my weekly Friday Five. 1) Share your journey—how did you find your calling as a children's book writer? When I was seven I was given a book. I couldn’t put it down. It was Edward Lear's THE COMPLETE NONSENSE. Things have not been the same since. I had no idea you could be that silly in a book. I didn't know it was allowed. And it had all these crazy drawings...

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Book Review – The Jesus Storybook Bible

It used to be that finding the best children's Bible was hard, because there are so many wonderful and good ones on the market. But that's no longer the case, since Sally Lloyd Jones released, The Jesus Storybook Bible. This book has been highly recommended. I first heard of it on Josh Harris' blog. So a few months ago, my wife and I bought a copy for our children. Immediately I realized why many pastors and theologians recommended it. It's simply brilliant. What I love about The Jesus Storybook Bible is how Sally Lloyd Jones weaves the message of Jesus in every big story. This is where it is a wonderful resource, even for adults. With few notable exceptions, we typically read the Bible narratives as isolated stories with real-life applicable truth. That's good, but Sally rightly points to Jesus with every story. And this makes this book a very valuable...

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