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Why Campaigning is Easy, but Governing is Hard

I've been watching, with interest, the emerging campaign for Presidency of the United States. I gave up involvement in politics a few years ago to devote full-time attention to ministry, but I am still keenly interested. I watched clips of the GOP Presidential debate last Thursday night. I've always enjoyed the debates and give the candidates credit. We give our candidates grief, joking about politicians, etc. But consider what an act of courage it is to stand up on a stage and subject yourself to the public grilling. In a sense, campaigning for President is difficult--giving up two years of your life, sacrificing your family, schlepping across the country, from county fair to parade to union hall--and yet in another sense its easy. Allow me to explain. We put our leaders through this rigorous test of a campaign to see what they are made of. We test their mettle. You can't...

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