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5 Myths About Spiritual Depth

All Christians want "depth" in the preaching they hear, the books they read, the Bible studies they attend. I've never once heard a Christian say to me, "I just wish I could get more shallow preaching." But what exactly is "depth"? It's a nebulous term that almost nobody knows how to define. "Give me the deep stuff, pastor," I hear. Does that mean he wants a series on systematic theology or an exegesis of the culture of the ancient near-east in Genesis or does it mean a more nuanced application to daily life? It's good to want depth. The writer of Hebrews (Hebrews 5:12) called out his hearers for not being teachers, for continuing to ask the same questions they had years before. At this point in their journey they should have been chewing on the meatier passages of the Word rather than continuing the lazy intake of spiritual milk. So depth...

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