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The Way Home: Catherine Parks

Catherine Parks is a writer and Bible teacher. She is the author of Real: The Surprising Secret to Deeper Relationships and the co-author of A Christ-Centered Wedding: Rejoicing in the Gospel on Your Big Day. [powerpress] Show Notes Twitter: @CathParks Website: cathparks.com Book: Real: The Surprising Secret to Deeper Relationships ...

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The Way Home: Marty Machowski on family devotions

What's the best way to teach our kids about the Bible? Marty Machowski joins me to talk about this and to offer some helpful tips for doing family devotions. My family has found his books to be extremely helpful. Marty serves as the executive pastor of Covenant Fellowship Church in Glen Mills, Penn. The Good Company is offering 30% off of ERLC titles through the month of October. To take advantage of this use code ERLC30. [powerpress] Show Notes Twitter: @MartyMachowski Website: martymachowski.com Book: Long Story Short: Ten-Minute Devotions to Draw Your Family to God ...

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Don’t Swing for the Fences

For a lifelong Cubs fan, there was hardly a more thrilling player than Sammy Sosa. Let's set aside, for a moment, the fact that he played during the scandal-plagued steroid era. At the time, I was a giddy baseball fan, tuning into WGN to hear every thrilling at bat in 1998, when Sosa and Mark McGuire competed for the home run title. Sammy's home runs were the stuff of legend and made tuning into a baseball game on a Saturday afternoon a community event. I still hear the dulcet tones of Pat Hughes in my head, "There's a drive, deep right field … " and the corresponding "Yes!" from the late Ron Santo. Sammy's "at bats" were epic. To watch him swing was to watch a man with one purpose in mind: hit the baseball as far as humanly (and apparently chemically) possible. Sosa either whacked the ball into another zip...

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