Finished Manuscript

Today I finished my manuscript for my forthcoming book. I had tentatively titled it 2nd Generation, but it looks like we're going to title it Real, Fighting for Faith in a Christian Culture. But that could change. Stay tuned. It's a relief to turn in a manuscript, though the work is not done. There are still edits, tracking down source that I may have missed, and the whole business of marketing. But for the most part, the book is finished. This is a book I've wanted to write for some time now, one that is deeply personal. I'm hoping it will help those who have grown up in the faith have permission to admit their struggles, that faith isn't automatic, and to wrestle with the faith and make it their own. Mostly I hope to inspire a fresh intimacy among the churched, a newfound commitment, surrender, and passion for the glory of God. One...

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Books I’m Reading (10/29/11)

I'm about to turn in my manuscript which means more time for reading. Here's what I've got on my nightstand: Walking in the Spirit - Kenneth Berding. I'm halfway thru this book. It's a terrific and practical guide to what exactly it looks like to walk in the spirt. I'm thinking I'll order this as a resource for Gages Lake. Earthen Vessels - Matthew Anderson. Matt is the brilliant blogger from Mere Orthodoxy. I haven't cracked this one open yet, but I can't wait. He seems to tackle a lot of important subjects related to the body and the Bible. Jonathan Edwards, a Life - George Mardsen. I started reading this, then other books overtook it and writing and life overtook it. But I will finish it. It's a good book, but one that requires a bit more discipline. Deliver Me From Evil. - This is a novel in the "missional fiction" line written by my...

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John Chrysostom on the Power of Prayer

  The potency of prayer has subdued the strength of fire, it has bridled the rage of lions, hushed anarchy to rest, extinguished wars, appeased the elements, expelled demons, burst the chains of death, expanded the fates of heaven, assuaged diseases, dispelled frauds, rescued cities from destruction, stayed the sun in its course, and arrested the progress of the thunderbolt. There is (in it) an all-sufficient panoply, a treasure undiminished, a mine which is never exhausted, a sky unobscured by clouds, a heaven unruffled by the storm. It is the root, the fountain, the mother of a thousand blessings! - John Chrysostom (HT: R. Kent Hughes)...

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Friday Five: Aaron Armstrong

Today I’m happy to feature an interview with my good friend, Aaron Armstrong, who blogs at Blogging Theologically. This a blog I subscribe to and thoroughly enjoy as Aaron features a breadth of theological content.

Besides blogging, Aaron is an itinerant preacher, and a writer for an international Christian ministry focused on caring for the needs of the poor. His work has appeared on The Gospel Coalition’s “Voices” blog and’s “Deeper Walk” column. Aaron, his wife Emily, and their children worship and serve at Harvest Bible Chapel in London, Ontario..

Today I want to talk to Aaron about his new book, Awaiting a Savior, which rightly identifies the root cause of so much suffering in the world and how this truth informs our efforts to alleviate it. I had the privilege of reviewing the manuscript and writing an endorsement:

“In our highly activist, solutions-oriented generation, we easily think that we ourselves are the solution to the world’s social ills, particularly poverty. But the problem of poverty is the problem of sin and its solution lies in the heart of the Gospel. Aaron Armstrong brilliantly brings us back to Genesis and delivers a theologically robust vision for obeying the Scriptures’ command to help the poor while living in anxious anticipation of Christ’s coming Kingdom.”

Here is today’s Friday Five with Aaron Armstrong: