Sin Catches Up

If you know the storyline of David’s life, you know that his big sin was his affair with Bathsheba. You don’t even have to grow up in church to know the story. He’s the King of Israel. The men are out at war. He should be there with them, but he he stays back. David sees Bathsheba bathing on the rooftop and so desires her that he overrides the warnings of his servants and gets her.

We all know that this story doesn’t end well. David had Uriah put in a dangerous position in battle, essentially ordering this good man’s death. Eventually the prophet Nathan confronts David and David admits his sin.

That’s the story. But I wonder if we miss a powerful lesson in David’s life.

Maybe It Does Take a Village

Vanessa Van Patten of the popular parenting blog, Radical Parenting, is featuring a guest post of mine, entitled, "Was Hillary Right?" I'm discussing the growing movement in churches to affirm a "village" approach to raising the next generation, where parents assume primary responsibility but lean in on churches and other institutions to fill in the gaps. Here's an excerpt: When it comes to parenting, the evangelical pendulum has always swung from one extreme to the other.  On one side is the casual parenting philosophy, where Mom and Dad outsource character development and spiritual training to the church and to the educational establishment. But this approach has largely been proven a failure. Studies show that it is direct parental involvement that most impacts the faith legacy of children. An hour of Sunday school a week, a few weeks at summer camp, and Vacation Bible school are no match for the gusher of...

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Friday Five Interview: Micah Fries

Micah Fries spent time on the mission field in Africa and now pastors the growing Fredrick Boulevard Baptist Church in St. Joseph, Missouri. He’s an influential blogger and leader in the Southern Baptist Convention. I’m grateful he’s taken time to chat for today’s Friday Five:

You spent time as a missionary in Africa and now pastor a church in America. How has your time on the foreign mission field affected your ministry as a local church pastor?

Special Offer from Covenant Eyes

A few months ago I signed up for Covenant Eyes, what I consider the best Internet filtering system available. I signed up for three reasons: I love my marriage enough to protect it. I love my family enough to protect them. I love my church enough to protect what God has given me in them. I don't trust myself online. I do most of my work on a laptop and a lot of work researching, reading, writing, etc online. And while I honestly don't have a problem with pornography, I don't ever want to have one. And I don't trust the weakness of my sinful flesh. I, like most men, need accountability. I recently heard a sermon by Matt Chandler where he said, "What's in the dark grows." Covenant Eyes gives me that accountability online. A report of all my online activity is monitored by a friend of mine who is willing to...

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