Four Ways to Move Ahead in 2011

Yesterday at Gages Lake Bible Church, I preached my last sermons of 2010. Like I always do at this time of year, I reflected on the past year, but also urged the congregation (and myself, of course), to move forward. Can’t change a thing about 2010, but we can determine, in many ways, the success of 2011. I closed with these four points on moving forward:

Some Great Christmas Articles

As you reflect on the meaning of Christmas this year: Tim Jeske on the link between Bethlehem and Calvary Mark Galli wonders why Mary was favored and what it means for us. Chuck Colsen says not to ignore the Kingdom references in the announcement of Christ's birth John Ortberg reminds us that the birth of Christ means Jesus shows up in the common places. Trevin Wax compares Ceasar's Palace and Christ's manger ...

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Why I Get Excited on Christmas

Are you excited, yet, about Christmas? Can you feel the anticipation? Okay, so many of you are busy, harried, and hurried. And maybe a few of you are upset about the "commercialization of Christmas." But, for what it's worth, I love this time of year. Yes, I know that much of it is consumed with shopping and stuff. But, isn't it awesome that the entire world stops and focuses on the story of the incarnation? Okay, maybe most people aren't thinking of the theology or even the baby, but the fact that this holiday is here because of the birth of Jesus is pretty cool. Millions of unchurched people around the world will fill pews on Christmas Eve and have a chance to hear why Jesus came. Plus, there is a certain warmth to this season, even its non-Christian elements. I love the music of the season, I love the traditions, the...

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Win a Free Autographed Copy of iFaith

Interested in a free autographed copy of iFaith? I'm going to give 5 free copies away, but with a few conditions: 1) You must first download the free first chapter of iFaith here and then comment on this blog post that has the free chapter. 2) Agree to write a review on, Barnes and and Also, post a review on your blog (a blog that must be a regularly updated blog) and send at least two links to your review from your social networks (Facebook/Twitter, preferrably). 3) You can't be blogger that I've already contacted or is on my list of folks who have interviewed/blogged about my previous books. You can't be someone who has ever received a review copy of any of my books previously. 4) Promise to pass the book along to a a key influencer (pastor, youth pastor, small group leader, home bible study leader, media personality, blogger,...

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