Growing up in Christianity, we've always had an uneasy relationship with Halloween. Our family never took the extreme position of declaring it totally off limits and "the devil's holiday." We typically handed out tracts and candy to kids who came by. On the other hand, my parents felt that "trick-or-treating" was something they'd rather not have us do. I think we did it a few years and then we stopped. Some of our friends did it and we didn't consider them carnal, Jesus-indifferent heathens. We just didn't do it and honestly I don't sit here wishing I had the chance to dress up like some character and go out and collect candy. The truth is that Halloween has an interesting beginning that likely has little resemblance to the holiday today. I have to admit that I'm very uncomfortable with the death and goulish side of it. I think it does provide the...

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Friday Five Interview – Michael Gerson and Peter Wehner

Today I’m highly honored to have two distinguished men stop by the blog for this very special Friday Five interview. We’re less than two weeks before the midterm elections and so thoughtful people of faith on both sides of the political divide will go to the polls and help shape their government. So I thought I’d bring a little perspective to bear from two men who have been in the arena.

Michael Gerson and Peter Wehner are both veterans of Washington, D.C. and most recently the Bush White House. They recently released a fantastic new book, City of Man, published by Moody Publishers. You can read my review here.

Everyone Should Podcast

If you're living in the 21st century, and you're not constantly learning, its not because you can't afford it, it's because you're choosing not too. Here is a big reason why: Podcasting. Everyone should podcast. What I mean is that everyone should redeem their iPhones and iPods and iPads for the Kingdom by utilizing one of the great untold gems of this age. What is a podcast? It's simply audio that broadcasters post in iTunes and other networks that allows others to download it for free when it is available. Most people use iTunes. So what you do is you go into iTunes, click on the store, go to Podcasts and then find your favorite program. Typically broadcasters will post links to this place in iTunes directly on their site. Now, today, almost every church in America, big and small, is a broadcaster, and therefore a podcaster. Which means you have access, if you...

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Rod Mattoon on the Sovereignty of God in Salvation

One of my favorite contemporary commentators is Pastor Rod Mattoon. His works are featured in Wordsearch Bible Software. Also on his website: Treasures from the Word. He's a Baptist preacher in Springfield, IL and his commentaries are among the most well-researched, thorough and organized. He's also a fabulous writer. Here is a gem from his commentary on John 17. I'm quoting it on Sunday in my message: Long before the first Adam failed in the Garden of Eden, the second Adam, Jesus, was preparing for the cross of Calvary. Before the stars sparkled like white diamonds against the black velvet of space, before the waves of the oceans licked the shores of sandy beaches, before the birds sang sweet melodies on any bush, before leaves offered their applause by rustling on the branches of majestic trees, Jesus was preparing to be our Savior. From the infinity of history, He was telling us,...

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