Friday Five Interview – Margaret McSweeney

In 2005-2006, I had the privilege of volunteering to help a congressional candidate, Dave McSweeney, run for Congress here in Illinois’ 8th district. What emerged from that race was more than a campaign. I became great friends with both Dave and his wife, Margaret. And today I have the privilege of interviewing Margaret McSweeney. Margaret has a heart of compassion and a gift for connecting people. In fact, she was the one who encouraged me to send my first manuscript to her friend, Andrea Mullins, from New Hope Publishers.

Margaret is an accomplished author and speaker. She has written A Mother’s Heart Knows , Go Back and Be Happy, and is the editor of The Pearl Girls Book She writes for a variety of newspapers and publications and has interviewed notables such as Wolfgang Puck and Thomas Kinkade.

Margaret is the founder and director of  an organization called Pearl Girls. Pearl Girls is a remarkable effort that brings together well-known woman from across the country to share their stories and raise money for charities. Margaret serves with several charitable organizations and sits on the board of WINGS, which provides hope to victims of domestic violence.

Margaret is also the host of an Internet Radio Show called Kitchen Chat, where she interviews well-known authors, writers, and celebrities. Margaret and her husband Dave live in the Chicago area with their two daughters.

Christ’s Peace

James Boyce: The story has occasionally been told of a contest in which artists were to submit paintings and sculptures portraying their understanding of peace. Some showed beautiful sunsets, others pastoral scenery. But the prize went to an artist who had painted a bird in its nest, attached to a branch protruding from the edge of a thundering waterfall. This is the idea involved in Christ's legacy. In times of outward peace anyone can be at peace, or at least many can. But it takes an exceptional peace, a supernatural peace, to prevail in the midst of great outward trouble and inner distress. Christ's peace is just that, exceptional and supernatural. Boice Expositional Commentary - An Expositional Commentary – John, Volume 4: Peace in Storm (John 13-17). (Had to cut this from my sermon on Sunday)...

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Immigration and Evangelism

Perhaps there is no hotter topic than the subject of immigration. If you want to turn a really nice dinner party into an ugly brawl, just stand up and give your views on immigration. Yes, you will have ignited a verbal war. Judging the emails, Facebook entries, and Twitter chatter, Christians are talking a lot of immigration. But the question is, and should be, how should a Christian think biblically about this issue. Its no secret that the population of immigrants is swelling in the United States. And many immigrants are not here legally. This has many people rightfully upset, not the least of whom are those immigrants who worked hard to be here legally. It's quite obvious that the government has had difficulty enforcing the border. Some feel they haven't worked hard enough. But they have beefed up security in the past couple of years, and if you believe it, the...

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Friday Five Interview – Sara Horn

I can’t think of a more important and yet over-looked ministry field than to encourage and mentor the wives of American service men and women. Long deployments, the risk of the battlefield, and the constant moving from city to city. Most Americans are aware of the need to honor and care for our brave soldiers, but few think of the toll their service takes on the families they often have to leave behind.

That’s why I’m glad my good friend, Sara Horn, has stopped by the blog today.  Sara has a wonderful ministry to military wives, Wives of Faith. She is a prolific writer, who has teamed with Oliver North to share the stories of faith among the soldiers of Operation Iraqi Freedom. He has personally interviewed soldiers on the front lines and her work has been featured in a variety of evangelical publications. Most importantly, she is a military wife herself.

I’ve known Sara through Christian publishing circles and have admired her unique desire to encourage, mentor, and evangelize the woman who willingly sacrifice their men for the good of our country. Her latest project is God Strong, The Military Wife’s Spiritual Survival Guide.