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Mini Reviews #3

Here's another batch of mini-reviews, taking care of some books that have occupied my nightstand (and travel bag) this summer: Lions of Kandahar by Rusty Bradley and Kevin Maurer I thoroughly enjoyed this book, from cover to cover. It was a bit of a diversion for me as I usually read books on theology or Christian living or biography. I selected this book to review through Amazon Vine because I wanted to stretch myself a bit. Consider me stretched. What I love about this book is that Rusty Bradley, an active-duty Special Forces Commander and Kevin Maurer, an AP journalist, carefully take us through an epic firefight in Kandahar province. For someone who knows little about military lingo or strategy, this book was a delightful read. The authors were explanatory of situations, protocol, weapons, etc. It gave me such an appreciation for the men and women who risk their lives in places like...

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