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Resisting the Pound of Flesh

One of the best illustrations of leadership in the Bible is King David's refusal, twice, to kill King Saul (1 Samuel 24, 1 Samuel 26). You don't have to be well steeped in Old Testament history to know that Saul was the jealous king who had disobeyed God and took out his anger and wrath on David. For many, many years he chased David around the land of Israel, trying hard to kill this shepherd boy-turned-King. Even Saul's own son, Jonathan, knew his father was wrong and befriended David at the risk of his life. And yet, when David had two chances to kill Saul, he didn't. Many interpret this as a warning for rebelling against God-ordained authority. I've even heard it abused this way to justify corrupt leadership. I do think it can be applied in this context and I do think an anti-authoritarian attitude conveys a lack of faith in God's...

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