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5 Hard Truths for Parents

I hesitate to write a parenting post, only because I'm not an expert, just a father trying his best to parent the way God wants me to. Our kids are still young, so there is no "finished product" to evaluate to see if what I'm saying even makes sense. So when you read the following, take those above caveats in mind. Parenting involves hard truths. It is a way that God searches your heart, humbles you, and softens you for His service. I've learned five hard truths about being parent, that I'd like to share with you: 1) There is no guarantee that your kid will be great. When I say greatness, I mainly mean biblical greatness, which involves knowing, loving, and serving God. It means living above the world, living an extraordinary life on mission. I'm referring to kids who become adults who have an impact for Christ on their generation. It's...

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