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The Lincoln Movie and the Importance of Racial Reconciliation

I'm not a critic, so you won't often find here substantive, intelligent movie reviews. I do enjoy cinema, however and occassionally a movie comes along that is more than something to pass time while eating popcorn. Movies like this are conversation starters. "Did you see it? If not, you must!" Movies like this stay with you long after you've viewed them. They make you think. Lincoln, by Stephen Spielberg, is such a movie. I had the chance to see it last week and was profoundly moved. What's so interesting about viewing a movie about our 16th President is that we already know so much about him. In a sense, Lincoln is an icon, he's a caricature, he's a mythical figure. Towns and streets across the country bear his name. Volumes upon volumes have been written about him. He's on our currency. His historical greatness is so enshrined in our conciousness that there...

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