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Five Common Mistakes Christian Parents Make

My wife and I are in the throes of parenting and are surrounded, in our church and among friends, with other parents in the throes of parenting. So my parenting radar is hot. I'm learning, growing, repenting everyday as I ask the Lord to make me a faithful dad. It's often easier to learn how to get better at parenting by observing and owning our mistakes. So here is a list of five tendencies Christian parents have. I hope it helps you think through this journey: 1) We overexpose our kids to the culture. The Bible doesn't use the term, "culture", but there is a very similar word, "world." This is a loose definition of the prevailing thinking in a given society. Typically the values of the culture run counter to the way of Christ. Not always. Sometimes a culture is shaped by Christian influence. Today, we parents should be cautious in what we...

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Why You Should Tithe

If you wanted to start a heated argument among Christians, just bring up the subject of tithing. Some say that tithing was a principle reserved only for Old Testament law. Others say that tithing is antithetical to grace. I hear all those arguments, but still, I think it's good practice to be a regular giver. I can't tell you, with integrity, that tithing is a specific command of God as prescribed in the Bible. But I can tell you that it's a habit of wise, mature, Bible-believing, Christ-following Christians. This is a discussion that could fill several books (and it has), but I've found three reasons why tithing is vital to the growth and discipleship of every believer. 1) Tithing demonstrates commitment to the body of Christ. We live in an age when Christians are spiritual free-agents, hopping from church to church and shopping for a Sunday experience as they would a new car....

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