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Speaking with Grace: The gospel and the way we speak

Over at ERLC.com, I’m in the midst of a series of blog posts on speaking with grace in the culture. Here’s the second in this series:  Mark DeMoss is a longtime public relations consultant who has represented some of the most well known evangelical figures such as Jerry Falwell and Chuck Colsen. DeMoss has also […]

5 Things I Learned in Canada Last Week

So last week my wife and I came back from a week of preaching and teaching and fellowship on Prince Edward Island in Atlantic Canada. I was honored to be one of the speakers at The Gospel Coalition, Atlantic Canada. We had an absolutely lovely time up there and I wanted to share with you […]

TGC Atlantic Canada

So this week, Angela and I are off to beautiful (so I hear) Prince Edward Island, Canada. We were graciously invited by the Gospel Coalition, Atlantic Canada. I’m preaching two times, conducting a workshop, and participating in some panels (schedule here). We are looking forward to some gospel fellowship with brothers and sisters in the […]

How I Found My Preaching and Speaking Voice

Growing up, public speaking was something I both enjoyed and dreaded. I enjoyed the preparation for a speech (still do), but always got the intense butterflies in public. Especially in school where one Rick-Perry like flub could ignite the snickering chorus in the front row of our high-school. I know because when I wasn’t speaking, […]

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