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The Cadence of Good Preaching

Today for Leadership Journal, I interview my friend, Glenn Packiam, a pastor and songwriter in Colorado Springs. Glenn is a fellow Leadership Journal contributor and the lead pastor of new life DOWNTOWN, an extension of New Life Church. He is the author of several books, including LUCKY: How the Kingdom Comes to Unlikely People and Secondhand Jesus. His latest is Discover the Mystery of Faith.Glenn also recently released an accompanying worship album. I asked Glenn about the nexus of pastoring and songwriting: You're both a songwriter and a pastor. How does your creative side affect your preaching and leading? A good sermon is, in many ways, like a good song. It has to have a solid hook that sums up the theme, something that will stick in their hearts and heads long after it's over. It needs to have good verses that develop that theme and build up to it. There is a cadence to preaching that is also quite a bit...

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Friday Five: Jenny and Tyler

Jenny & Tyler are a husband-wife pop-folk band originally from Newark, Delaware, and currently based in Nashville, Tennessee. The group consists of singer-songwriters Jenny Somers and Tyler Somers. They have a unique style that has often been called, "soul grass." The duo has independently released three full-length albums and two EPs, and regularly tours the United States. They have collaborated with artists such as Mac Powell, Levi Weaver and Joel Rakes.They have just released a brand-new album, Open Your Doors.  I found their music on Noisetrade and immediately loved its creativity, originality, and spiritual depth. So I asked them if they'd stop by for a short, but sweet interview on today's Friday Five: Was there a moment in each of your lives when you knew music would be your life?  There wasn't a specific moment per say, but when we first went to Nashville together during the summer of 2006, we solidified a...

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