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Three Kinds of Christians Who Should Always Keep Their Cool

I was struck this week as I studied 1 Peter 4:7-11 as part of our Exiles series at church. I was struck particularly by this phrase: "Be self-controlled and sober-minded." (v 4 ESV). There are differing ways translators have translated this. HCSB says "Be serious and disciplined." NASB: "of sound judgement and sober spirit." NLT: "Be earnest and disciplined." KJV: "Be sober and watch." You get the idea. Christians are to be level-headed. Sober. Balanced. Mature. Of sound judgement. Wise. In control. These virtues should characterize our life, both in our speech, in our online engagement, in our beliefs. And yet there are times, many times, when virtues like this, such as balance, sound judgement, and sobriety are looked at by some as a lack of courage. Or we excuse them with things like, "I'm just speaking my mind." Or we post half-baked conspiracy theories online or fire them off via...

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