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If There is No Sin, There is No Grace

Be of sin, the double cure, save from wrath and make me pure – Augustus Toplady There is a hesitance, actually more like a firm resistance, to calling any behavior, “sin.” When the issue of sexual lifestyles are discussed, even evangelicals are wary of labeling any one behavior as sin. It’s the word we want to […]

Struggle Versus Snuggle

      I found this word on sin by Barnabas Piper to be especially convicting. We tend to mask our love of sin by telling people we “struggle.” (at least I do). Barnabas cuts through that by looking at Paul’s honesty in Romans: (HT: Justin Taylor) In true struggle, honesty is brutal. It’s brutal because it […]

Friday Five: Aaron Armstrong

Today I’m happy to feature an interview with my good friend, Aaron Armstrong, who blogs at Blogging Theologically. This a blog I subscribe to and thoroughly enjoy as Aaron features a breadth of theological content. Besides blogging, Aaron is an itinerant preacher, and a writer for an international Christian ministry focused on caring for the […]

Hating on the Church

It has become rather fashionable these days for Christians to hate on the church. Almost every day, a new book is put out by someone who is disolutioned with, has a lengthy critique of, and has a new solution for the church. But I wonder if it is spiritually and intellectually easy, and I dare […]