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Creativity is Cool, but So is Maturity

By now you’ve read some of the dust-up online about two prominent pastors and their presentations of intimacy and marriage. Mark Driscoll and his wife Grace have written what seems to be a very raw, personal book, Real Marriage. Ed Young, Jr is launching a new preaching series/book/media blitz in which he and his wife […]

Ed Stetzer – How Should We Talk About Sex?

I wanted to write a post about this, but couldn’t find the words. Thankfully Ed Stetzer, a wiser man than me by far, wrote what I consider a terrific and wise post on how evangelicals might approach the delicate, but necessary subject of sex. I especially liked this paragraph: Third, when talking about sex, hype […]

Big Ben and The Sporting Culture

I am a huge sports fan. Every day I try to sneak in at least a few minutes of Sportscenter every day to get my daily fix. I regularly read espn.com and tune into sports radio in the car on occasion. I played basketball (not very well) in high-school and twice a week play pick-up […]